CPG THERMACELL CASE STUDY Thermacell provides zone mosquito protection that keeps mosquitoes up to 15 ft away, stopping them before they can bother or bite you. Thermacell’s zone repellent technology eliminates the need for messy lotions or sprays, so you and your family are free to enjoy the outdoors, without worrying about mosquitoes or the harm they may cause. Thermacell repellent devices are either powered by a small fuel cartridge or a rechargeable battery, providing effective and efficient scent-free mosquito protection. If you love the outdoors like us, but don’t love mosquitoes, get a Thermacell repeller. Packaging & Print Ad



CPG FOOD FOR SLEEP CASE STUDY Food for Sleep helps you achieve better performance and better recovery through better sleep. It’s a 2½ oz. beverage made with tart cherry juice and a whey protein high in bioavailable tryptophan, food ingredients shown in clinical trials to promote healthy sleep and enhance muscle recovery. Product Photography INDUSTRY Consumer Package Goods GOALS Launch new product. Create website to sell product and secure investors. TOOLS Strategy, Web Design, SEO, Photography, Creative Design RESULTS Increased brand awareness. Roll out of eCommerce  website. Contributed

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CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS BISMARK CONSTRUCTION CASE STUDY At Bismark Construction, everything we do starts with a strong foundation of accountability, dependability and integrity. Rather than striving for size or volume, we take pride in a reputation grounded in character and high standards. We go beyond delivering quality at a competitive price to forging partnerships built on commitment and true professionalism. INDUSTRY Construction General Contractors GOALS Refresh brand identity. Develop consistent brand voice across all marketing materials. TOOLS Strategy, Environmental & Creative Design, Web Design, SEO, Photography, Signage, PR RESULTS Increased brand

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MANUFACTURING BTX GLOBAL LOGISTICS CASE STUDY BTX Global Logistics has the experience and expertise to ensure the safe transportation of your shipments from any location to anywhere in the world. Regardless of your cargo’s shape, weight or size, BTX has the right transportation and logistics service for you by air, land or sea. Whether you’re a customer with a shipment a week or an international organization with complex supply chain needs, BTX is always committed to delivering flexible and personalized services. INDUSTRY Shipping & Logistics GOALS Transforming environmental, web & print to reflect brand voice

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MANUFACTURING OEM CONTROLS CASE STUDY OEM Controls has been the leader in design and development of electrohydraulic controllers for over 50 years. Our company creates control systems that we configure to individual customer specifications using field-proven components,  a long list of available options, and state-of-the-art engineering expertise. Our core products include one, two, and three-axis joystick controllers, ergonomically designed multi-grip handles, electronic valve driver boards, microprocessor-based logic controllers and integrated panel systems. INDUSTRY Manufacturing GOALS Refresh Brand Identity. Develop consistent brand voice across all marketing materials. Increase Online Leads & Sales TOOLS SEO, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Landing Pages,

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Manton and Cork have been synonymous since 1921 years. MANTON CORK CASE STUDY Manton and Cork have been synonymous since 1921 years. The company was founded by Sidney Manton in 1921 and has remained a family operated business since. INDUSTRY RETAIL / WHOLESALE GOALS Increase Online Visibility & Sales TOOLS SEO, SEM, eCommerce, X-Cart, Amazon, Photography,  Strategy RESULTS 689% Increase in Sales in 24 months SEO / SEM Leading the industry in cork since 1921

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