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As external Subject Matter Experts (SME), we bring with us long-standing expertise and knowledge, free of any preconceived notions. We at inkbyte are passionate about improving your business, while remaining completely objective as we work with you to choose the best approach. Through the Discovery process, we provide you with an audit of where your business is today, along with a roadmap on how to improve the Key Performance Indicators that matter most to your organization.


Often we encounter smart, talented individuals who are just “too close to the business.” inkbyte provides an independent, impartial, and fresh viewpoint that isn’t influenced by existing company traditions or loyalty to a particular team.

Broad Experience

Over the past 30 years, inkbyte has helped a wide array of clients across a broad range of industries. We tackle the problems that regularly confront executives, often achieving breakthroughs by applying solutions common in one industry to another where they’re not as well-known.

Analytical Skills

We at inkbyte are trained in a range of analytical skills and possess the knowledge to hone in on the major problem areas, define the requirements for a particular solution, and pinpoint the benefits to be gained by this solution.

Undivided Attention

Our consultants devote their full time to your assignment, without the distraction of other executive responsibilities. We work ON your business so you work IN it.

The Discovery Process

Below is an outline of the typical discovery process. Best practices suggest the more involvement from stakeholders and decision makers, the more likely success will be achieved. Contact Us.

What it entails:

  • Pre-discovery: Establish expectations or vision. For example, what “vision” is the client attempting to achieve? What are the current associated timelines and costs (KPI’s)? What is the current documented process?

  • Project Start: Initiate project set-up, define key project stakeholders, including agency team member(s), conduct onsite kick-off meeting, prepare documents, and schedule interviews. 

  • Organization Discovery: Review provided documentation and interview as necessary to gain an understanding of current organization structure and marketing needs.

  • Interview Process: Conduct interviews of all constituents identified.

  • Analysis: Analyze findings and prepare presentation.

  • Follow up: Clarify conflicting data through follow-up interviews. 

  • Presentation: Present recommendation to key shareholders.

What it yields:

  • Overall Project Description: Defines current status, describes recommended solution, and outlines benefits of proposed solution.

  • Project Partnership: Describes internal/external partners, actions required by each, and the relationships between all partners.

  • Compiled Vision Scope/Road Map: Offers a rollout/deployment plan for the new solution, broken down by project phases if necessary.

  • Technology Summary: Identifies required technology and recommended hardware.

  • Estimated Cycle Reduction & Savings

  • Statement of Work for Phase 1 implementation

  • Project Budget: Provides detailed budget for phase 1 implementation and estimate for additional phases if needed.

For decoupling to succeed, subject matter experts are needed in production who can discover the gaps that inhibit efficiency. inkbyte delivers that expertise across print, broadcast, and digital media to implement best practices for your organization. Additionally, we possess knowledge and access to best-of-breed technology solutions. Our experience indicates that it’s vital for all shareholders to be in agreement with clear objectives. A phased approach (crawl, walk, run) will drive momentum and establish credibility.